Are you looking to better your delivery as a writer? Do you write and notice that there are a couple of mistakes here and there, and your ultimately wish is to have some sort of magic wand to just erase all your mistakes away, and present you with an excellent master piece? Then you aren’t alone; only that there are already tools available to make all your worries speedily go away.

Oh…yea. If you are a writer, then these tools are a must have in your collection. It Is okay to call them the fairy god writing mother, as they promise to use a magic wand and make your writing super-duper top-notch—and in a blink.

You can’t wait to meet these tools right? So let’s get down to listing them ASAP.


This is one tool that would help pick all the mistakes in grammar as the name rightly suggests. With this tool, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that even a novice in grammar can appear as an English professor—no kidding!

But the amazing thing about Grammarly is that even when you are schooled in English, it helps you better improve on what you already know. It comes in both free and the premium version; with the premium version offering more privileges.

Capitalize My Title

It is an exceptionally useful tool when you want to capitalize your title. There are title capitalization rules that you may be missing out as an author, and this tool will definitely help fix it; presenting you to the world as an expert in title capitalization.

Tomato Timer

Don’t know if you have heard of this one, but it is truly helpful in staying focused. This timer is based on the pomodoro method that states you should focus head down for at least 20-25 minutes, and then entertain a break. Study has shown that if you know that break is coming in a couple of minutes, you are more likely to concentrate, and thereby achieve more.

Headline Analyzer

What makes your write up read in the first place is the caption—headline attached to it, and this can be a real challenge for some writers.

With CoScheduler headline analyzer, we could say that your issue with headliner will become one of the past. It’s a free headline analyzer that will give your headline a rating between 0-100; this way, you know how to better improve each headline—this is absolutely the bomb!

In Conclusion

Software are being constantly developed to easy up your work as a writer—both free and paid, so you have choices available to you. As a matter of fact, you would be doing your career a great disservice if you aren’t using these goodies or maximizing them.

These tools can better distinguish what you are already publishing out there, and in any ways, if you feel you are a pretty good writer already, you would notice when you employ any of these tools, you aren’t compelled to embrace the suggestions offered—which means you can still keep to what you have written already, and that is even a nobler feature.

You want to rock it out in 2019, then get right to searching for more writing tools and you will be amazed at how much resource you have out there to make your writing career so much more fun!