Submit your publication

We accept a range of publications and manuscripts across a range of genres at Coach House Publications. Whether you have an agent or not, we are now accepting various works from all over the world. If you are a new author, we would love to hear back from you. The same goes for accomplished authors who have had their works published.

The very core of the publishing process is without a doubt the book proposal. Ideals for books are as complex as the books themselves. They can arise from different situations, but in general, it is a book concept that is written in the form of a proposal.

The form can cover any market or genre that the book is going to be written for. Whether you have the next thriller, a biography or even a book on how to win at live casinos, we are looking forward to receiving your proposal.

Novels: Before approaching us with your proposal, you must finish your manuscript. You might be excited about your store, but without having a completed manuscript, it’s not a good idea to submit or pitch your work without a finished product. Only submit your work when you are confident that it’s your best possible work and that is 100% completed. Nonfiction: When it comes to guides or self-help, you need to think of the book proposal in terms of a business plan. It would help if you convinced us to contract you to write this book. Check out the competition and make your book unique.

What to include in your submission

  • Covering Letter
  • Your Full Name or pseudonym
  • Your postal address, email address and telephone numbers
  • The estimated word count of your completed manuscript
  • Any details of your past writing experience
  • Please include a synopsis or brief overview of your book. Depending on the nature of your book, length can vary but should not exceed 500 words in length.