Selling your books through Coach House

The internet is a fantastic place to publicise your books. A well-designed website can successfully target your niche market and establish you as an expert in your field. But it leaves you with one big problem - how to actually distribute your books. To do this successfully, you need

  • to be able to take credit card payments online
  • to deal with orders that come by post with cheques
  • to be available to respond to orders as they come in
  • to pack and post each order.

That's a big commitment of time and energy. You're left running a bookshop when really you want to get on with writing and publishing more books yourself.

That's where Coach House Online can help. We are a small publisher ourselves so we understand your difficulties and already have the infrastructure you need. As a result, we are happy to handle the online distribution of your book.

The process works like this

  • We stock an agreed number of copies of your book in our warehouse on a sale or return basis.
  • The prospective readers discover the book on your website
  • When they decide to buy, they are taken automatically to your own page in the Coach House Online site.
  • We take their order online with credit card payment or they post it to us with a cheque if they prefer.
  • We pack and post your book to them.
  • We send you the payment for your book less our agreed discount.
  • When stocks run low, we ask you for new supplies.

To place your books with us, click step by step joining instructions