We are a publishing company, and we do have clients we write for, so we are constantly in need of writers in-house. But those who join us have to be extremely good at what they do.

True, we often take our writers through very rigorous training before they can get to start writing for us, but we often make sure that we employ those with talent and passion who are ready to be groomed.

We are aware that there are people who can write, but not looking at writing as a career, but more like a hobby, so we avoid investing in these individuals. Writing is a calling, and for us, it is our ministry. So we are constantly seeking ways of being better at what we do, and offering creativity and excellence to every single job we deliver. Hence, anyone making our team must have the same passion that we have, and embrace our vision as well.

Writing could be fun as well as tedious; especially when there are stiff deadlines to meet. But we expect that quality will not be compromised no matter what. Our style and delivery make the reason why we stand out from the lot, and we are particular about people who are wired to pay attention to detail, keen about excellence not necessarily perfection, and are committed to raising the stakes—every time.

When you send in your application, we always know how well you could fit into our team.

Raising a team of writers who see beyond their pockets, but at the bigger picture of changing the status quo with their gift is what we are about. Eventually, pockets are often filled when the motive and passion is right we have noticed.

So if you are looking at writing as an ambition, and not just a means to an end, we urge you to send us samples of your work for assessment, and we would definitely get back to you if what you sent in meets our requirement.

Now if we don’t get back to you, it could be that your style of writing may not be what we seek at the moment. So we urge you to keep improving yourself and keep sending better jobs in. We are constantly in need of writers based on our clients’ specific needs, and we could just be embracing you next—only don’t give up!