We are constantly organizing competitions for writers, and sourcing for talents that we can groom in the area of writing. We do know that having a talent is one thing, and developing it to become a tool which you can use to effect a change is another.

While some of the writing competition is organized to give rewards, others are geared towards building writers that would join our team or train to build a career on their own. But whatever our goal, we are always going to state.

Through this measure, we have been able to raise not a few professional writers, and have also encouraged others to keep writing. Our writing competitions are always very demanding and really competitive, and those who eventually come out tops often become highly sought after, and seen as good.

So we from time to time when we put out invites for competitions and encouraging writers who feel they know their onions to participate, we are often overwhelmed by the amount of engagement it commands, which goes to show how relevant still is in our present day.

We plan to keep doing this, and bettering the lives of those with the ambition to write. This is one vision we have as a brand, and we believe it’s our way of giving back to our community. And we are extremely proud of the outcome thus far.

If you feel you have what it takes to write, but don’t have a platform to do so, then you should look out for our upcoming writing competition, and try to be a part of it, and you never can tell if you would be shortlisted to partake in the competition.

The writers’ competition is truly fun and rewarding, as writers that are selected are often admitted into our academy where they are trained and given tasks to do, and the judges eventually get to pick the best author.

At other competitions, we just throw out a writing task to the general public and go through works submitted and shortlist a few, whom we now further engage before picking our winners.

So we urge you to look out for this, as being a part of it will undoubtedly help your writing career.